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Stone and timber have a certain appeal. Even in this age of artificial materials we still like the organic look of timber and stone, so the synthetic materials often imitates the look of these natural materials. We respond to the semi-random look of these patterns.

The reason for this appeal is not too hard ton understand. Our brains like order, regular patterns. But it cannot be too perfect or it seems sterile. Organic materials like stone and wood have natural patterns, like wood-grain, which give this semi-random feel. They are not a regular as the uniform grid of tiles, nor are they completely chaotic. They are an organic looking balance of regular and uneven.

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

If the bathroom already has some stonework in the floor tiles or benches we might like to offset this with some regular, sparse looking tiles. But if the bathroom is already very uniform looking we might add some organic looking tiles that imitate the look of stone or wood. This gives a more natural feel to any room.

Kitchens, likewise, benefit from some organic feel. if the bench-top or cupboards are stone and wood we can offset this with neat, plain, regular tile-work. But if the kitchen has an otherwise plain decor we can give the space a more organic feel with tiles that have a stone or wood-grain pattern.

Bathroom Tiles Online

The peel and stick tile range is easy to apply. And they can be posted out at minimal cost. This is a great option for inexpensive yet effective redecoration.

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