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One great advantage of tiles is cleaning. The hard surface of the actual tiles is easy to clean, and won’t soak up liquids. The grout between the tile can be an issue if it is not sealed; unsealed grout will hold stains. But properly sealed tiles are easy to maintain. We can even use harsh chemicals on them because, unlike fabrics or timber, the tiles rarely stain.

Of course many harsh chemicals are also toxic to humans. So we should avoid them where possible. One way to do this is to use natural alternative. Another is to install surfaces that do not require harsh cleaning.

Good Natural Cleaners:

Vinegar – This natural product cuts through so many forms of grease, grime and soap scum. And it also kills mould and mildew. It had a strong smell, but evaporates quickly.

Make a spray bottle of vinegar and use this for cleaning most surfaces.

Warning – vinegar is not good for stone surfaces and may cause damage.

Baking soda and vinegar combine well to broduce a foam that cleans many hard surfaces.

Lemon juice – This is great for white-goods like fridges, inside and out. It also has a pleasant smell if it is not too concentrated.

Lemon juice and vinegar mixed in a few cups of water makes a great cleaning solution for glass.

Hydrogen Peroxide – This has a much stronger sanitizing effect than most cleaners. Diluted in water it cleans anything from kitchen/bathroom floors to cutting-boards.

Rubbing Alcohol – This is a great disinfectant, and one of the few things that can be safely used on stone. it smells quite strong, but quickly evaporates.

Salt – Coarse salt has a lot of scrubbing power and can be used in combination with other cleaners like vinegar.

Easy to clean stick on tiles:

Adhesive tiles are stain resistant. So they can be easy cleaned with warm soap and water. They are also mould and mildew resistant, so there is no need to chlorine or bleach. This means a healthier environment in the bathroom and kitchen when you use stick on tiles.

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

It is easy to give the kitchen or bathroom a face life with adhesive tiles. They can be fitted in an hour or two. And can be ordered online and delivered by the post.

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