Earthy Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Why Consider Earthy Tone Tiles?

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Earthy tones on interior surfaces will give a calm, soothing, peaceful feeling to a room. we can get earthy tones from some tiles, timber, stone, or even tiles made to look like timber or stone.

Natural ceramic tiles or stone are a great way to bring earthy tones to a floor, especially in a bathroom where we can’t really have timber. This can work congruently with earthy tones on the walls, or contrast nicely with walls that have white or creme surfaces.

Stick on Tiles can give earthy tones to wall. There are several possibilities here:

  • Adhesive tiles that look like timber or stone
  • Adhesive tiles that look like fine China porcelain.
  • Tiles with a metallic finish, copper or iron earth
  • Tiles with earthy geometric patterns.
  • Tiles with earthy colours
  • White of Creme tiles that contrast with an earthy floor tile.

Earthy tiles often have a texture, which is part of the aesthetic appeal. This give a sense of detail, something beyond bare white surfaces. A little fine detail looks good if it is consistent and not over powering. Earthy tiles tend to get this balance right. The patterns of woodgrain or stone are slightly irregular, being neither too predictable or completely random.

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Bright tiles, earthy tones, geometric patterns – we have stick on tiles for modern or classic looking bathroom decor.

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