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Renovate Cheaply with Kitchen Tile Stickers

While most renovations require considerable time and effort, not to mension planning, there are ways to sometimes make things cheaper and easier. And if well planned the results can be quite effective.

Kitchens usually are one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. It depends on the changes we want, but kitchens have fridges and ovens to install, many cupboards, plumbing which is expensive, a fair amount of bench space, and tiles on floors and some other surfaces. This is more costly to remodel than a bedroom which just has walls to paint and lights to change.

Yet, if we just want to change the look of the kitchen without moving things about, not changing the sink or the oven, we can make a big difference with some inexpensive DIY alterations.

Kitchen Tile Stickers

These are a modern alternative to ceramic and other traditional tiles. They are often prefered because they are easy to use and quite inexpensive. They do not require cement of grout like hard tiles. Instead, they come in larger sheets that simply stick into place.

Kitchen tile stickers are fine for walls, even behind ovens as a backsplash. Combined with the suitable paint scheme they can make a for a neat kitchen decor.


Most people have enough skill to do a reasonable painting job. So they can change the look of their kitchen by changing the paint colour. This isn’t difficult, or especially expensive, we just have to find the right colour. Find a shade that suits the tiles and other elements of the kitchen.

Curtains or Blinds

If the kitchen has a window, then find a curtain or blind that looks attractive. If in doubt, white will not clash with any other colour.


It is not hard to add a few shelves to a bare space. Hardward stores will sell single shelves and supports that screw into the wall. Make sure to attact to the frame behind the wall, not to empty plaster.
Shelves can be combined with some kitchen tile stickers on the wall, to good effect.


Adding new cupboards can be expensive. But we could add cupboard doors to open spaces. Or repaint doors, and change the handles at minimal expense. Some people put smart tiles over part or all of the cupboard.


Just using a different globe in the same light fitting can change the appearance of a room. We can have artifical candle light, or immitation natural sunlight, or several other tints.

Kitchen Tile Stickers

Easy to use and inexpensive, smart tiles can transform the look of your kitchen. Combine with repainting for an cost effective make over.



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