Kitchen Tiles and Storage

Kitchen Tiles and Storage


Kitchen tiles and storage
Kitchens, like cooking, are a combination of science and art. They also combine functionality with décor, food preparation with food storage. We can be creative and functional with all these things. This includes kitchen tiles and storage
We can design, renovate, or simply update our kitchen with some creative storage ideas. It feels good when all our utensils can be put in their own dedicated spot. It’s great when we can make use of every bit of small space, leaving more open space in the rest of the kitchen.

Some ideas we like
• Hanging items like pot and pans from a ceiling, just above head height.
• Hanging items inside a cupboard
• Lids stored in racks behind a cupboard door
• Slide out bench space
• Kick to draws. These are shallow draws at skirting board level.
• Hard covers for the sink, so you can use this for bench space.
• A slot for storing the bread/cutting board
• A carousel (lazy Susan) in a cupboard. Rotate this to reach item in the back
• Magnets behind cupboard doors to store knives.
• Small items being stored inside larger items.
• A curtain rod to store spray bottles
• Plants to clear up the air, and look great.
• Using the small space above the fridge
• The kitchen central island. Access everything from all sides.
• Using the space above the central island, because nobody walks under it they cannot hit their head.
• Vertical storage for trays, cutting boards, and other flat items.
• Wire racks that slide out of cupboards
• Drying rack for washing up, that folds or slides away
• Cutlery draws with separated spaces for different utensils. Use inserts if you wish.
• Cutting space above the trash can, so cutting waste is easy to dispose of.
• Wire baskets for fruit
• A book stand to hold a cookbook
• Variable lighting. Candle light for eating; bright light for cooking; red light for late at night.
• A place to hang a tablet or computer device. Good for recipes, or background entertainment.

Kitchen tiles Sydney
We can alter the look of the kitchen with peel and stick tile sheets. These are great for large surfaces, or just adding trim. Combine this with a new paint job for a surprisingly effective kitchen makeover. Kitchen tiles and storage ideas go together well.
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