Add Some Class to the Kitchen

Style décor and kitchen tiles Sydney

We would all prefer a stylish kitchen to a plain one, at least if it doesn’t compromise functionality. But we might be deterred by the perceived expense or effort. Yet it is possible to make some straight forward yet effective changes to the kitchen we have, all with a very modest budget. As long as all the elements of the kitchen are coherent then the results can work well.

Matt finishes

This has become more popular I recent years; older kitchens tended to like the glossy porcelain look. But matte finishes can look silky smooth and austere, especially if they are lighter colours, or perhaps a light main décor with dark trim.

More modern Matt paint is easy to clean than older types of matte paint.

Jewel tones.

Adds some sophistication with colours that are not too bright, like emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue.

Brass and brushed metal

Brushed metal on knobs, door handles or trim provides a warm contrast to plain colours, or to timber and stone surfaces. And replacing a set of knobs or handles is quite easy.


These are healthy for the air and provide a natural touch to the area. Almost any indoor plant is appropriate for the kitchen. Bamboo is becoming a popular choice.

Kitchen Tile Stickers

A kitchen peel and stick tile sheet can neatly mimic the appearance of stone, timber or porcelain. Adding these tiles to a kitchen allows us to give a sense of class to the décor. 

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