Advantages of Kitchen Tile Stickers

Hard tiles have their uses. In fact we think they are the best choice for bathroom floors and one of the better choices for kitchen flooring. But adhesive tiles are also very good for many circumstances. They have many advantages


Ceramic and other hard tiles are a major installation job, with most people paying for professional installation. But peel and stick tiles are easy to install with only a pair of scissors and a straight edge. You can put up Tic Tac tiles in an hour or two.

Down Time

Tiling a wall takes time. Floors are even worse. Often you can’t use a kitchen for a day or two when the builders are installing tiles. But adhesive tiles sheets won’t cause any appreciable down time, you just need a spare hour or two.


Tiled walls have a fair amount of weight. The supporting wall needs to be able to accommodate this. But stick on tiles hardly weigh anything. You can put then on any clean, flat surface.


The peel and stick tile will not reflect sound like harsh tiles will. This reduces echo inside a room. The effects of this are often underestimated. A room with a hard tiled floor and hard tiled walls can be very ambient, and this can actually cause irritation. Tic tac tiles are very quiet by comparison.

Ease of change

Need to redecorate? You put up tiles in a rental unit? It is easy to take peel and stick tiles down again. At wort you may need to touch up the paint behind the walls. Whereas ceramic wall tiles can only be removed with major renovations

Cost tile sticker Australia

Peel and stick tile sheets are much cheaper than other tiles, with no need for professional installation. It is easy to order cheap tiles online and have them delivered at minimal cost.

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