Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Bathoom Tiles Sydney

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Tiles came to be used on bathrooms because of their water proof qualities. It also helped that they are quite resistant to wear. But people soon realized that tiles have a lot of aesthetic appeal too, being available in so many sizes, shapes colours and designs.

So tiles have become a integral part of bathroom design and fashion.

Some recent and up coming fashions include:

Graphic tile Patterns – This ideal goes back thousands of year to ancient Crete and Rome. Patterns tiles were produces with geometric shapes, symmetric shapes, or simple lines and squares.
This works on floors or walls. You might even just use these graphic tiles on the trim.

Matt tiles – Glossy tiles have usually been dominant. But Matt tiles, often with a stone or timber pattern, are an alternative that has recently become popular.
these tiles are a little understated, and give a calm, classic decor look. They will need good lighting as they do not have a shiny surface to reflect ambient light.

Neutral tiles – neutral colours are popular for bathrooms, and this may mean plain glossy tiles. Think of glossy white walls with a stone floor. You might add a little colour trim or bright paint on the walls.

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Stick on tiles can be ordered online and delivered a minimal cost. They are great for bathroom walls, easy to install and create no mess.

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