Bathroom Décor Mistakes

A few fashion design ideas have come up recently on the internet.

Hard and Cold

Most fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens are cold and hard. Ceramic tiles, porcelain basins, stainless steel, stoneware table tops … the list goes on. The room will be much better balanced with some softness.

Add some softness with curtains, floor mats, and light fixtures like lampshades. Even towels on a rack make a difference. Not only will this look better, it may even add some warmth to the space. Houseplants are another good option.

Bathroom and kitchen sticker tiles are another option here. These are much softer than any other type of tile. And they are probably the easiest renovation to do yourself.

Everything is Square.

It is possible to have everything decorated in square and rectangle shapes. But while this looks consistent it will also be monotonous. Integrating round and angular shapes is a little challenging, but the result is worth the thought and effort. Especially as it will be a long lasting change.

Some unusual peel and stick tiles will put some diversity in the look of your bathroom or kitchen.

Monotonous Bathroom Colours

There are two easy ways to add some colours to a bland bathroom. One is to add some vivid towels, bathmats and curtains. The other is to buy stick on tiles and add colour and patterns to the walls. There are cheap tiles online.

Kitchen Tile Stickers Australia

Tic Tac Tiles can be the very thing that your kitchen or bathroom need for a facelift. And they are one of the easiest renovation projects you will ever find.

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