Bathroom Tile Stickers Australia

When discussing bathroom renovations in Sydney, you won’t be able to continue without mentioning Tic Tac Tiles.


Our Peel and stick tiles are simple and easy – Anybody (even you teen) can tile a wall in about 1 hour. No special tools are needed for Kitchen or Bathroom tile stickers. Our tiles are made of 3D gel. So they are easy to clean. They are also heat resistant, and they resist mould and mildew too. No mess. No tile grouts. Traditional tiles require time, effort, and a lot of cleaning up after installing tiles. With Tic Tack Tiles all that is eradicated. Just peel and install. You can order low-priced tiles online. No issues with looking for the right size. Bathroom renovations in Sydney will be a walk in the park with Tic Tac tiles. All you have to do is peel and install. And you’re done!

Just order enough tile sheets for the area you want to cover.

You may order now: MANY DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM. Our Bathroom and Kitchen tile stickers are available in many colours and designs, from bold and modern to smooth and understated. It is very simple to order online. There are no compatibility issues, and postage costs are minimal. We have a wide range of peel and stick tile designs for every décor, ready to be delivered in minimal time. Bathroom renovations in the Sydney area can be a breezy thing with the help of Tic Tac Tiles. No mess, no grout, no heavy lifting. All you need is a ruler and a pair of scissors. That’s it. No fuzz, no-frills. Just plain peeling and sticking.

Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Bathroom Renovations Sydney