Black and White Sticker tiles

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The strong contrast provided with a black and white décor works well in many situations. This is quite a modern style choice, yet it is achieved with a colour scheme that is straightforward and almost old-fashioned. Black and white décor is a good choice for tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

Think of black and white checkerboard floor tiles, or large white tiles with black borders. These both have an elegant look, which can be maintained with only the most basic of leaning.

Alternately, black and white tiles can be arranged in a Terrades pattern. This uses black and white tiles with a triangle shape, the small triangles being used to form squares.

Triangle tiles in black and white can be used to create many different patterns. With some variation, it is possible to create tiles walls, and floors that have multiple patterns. These can prove fascinating, far from the sterile look of some plain tiled walls.

Bathroom Tile Stickers Australia

Black and white tiles are a great neutral background, even when their pattern is complex. You can add any colour to black and white and achieve a pleasing result. This is an advantage if you like to change the look of your room from time to time. A few decorations of matching colours will transform the effect of a black and white room.

A Black and white peel and stick tile décor is versatile for kitchens and bathrooms.

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