Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Décor Ideas

Kitchen Wall Tiles While it might be expensive to completely remodel a kitchen it is not too expensive to give a kitchen a facelift. And it need not take too much time, either. We can repaint and retile a kitchen with smart tiles over the course of a weekend. And this is enough to completely […]

Smart Tile

Some Smart Tile Projects

About the Smart Tile   Smart tiles are much less expensive than conventional tiles, and because they are light weight they can be used in many situations where conventional tiles would be too heavy. Furthermore, they are free from mould and will not crack over time. Smart tile projects are quite quick and simple to […]

Tile on Kitchen Wall

Tile on Kitchen Wall

Behind Tile on Kitchen Wall Situations We can put tiles on almost any flat surface, including walls. But the weight of the tiles can be an issue. Traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles can weigh far more than we initially realize. Try lifting an entire box of tiles and you will see what we mean. The […]

Stick on Tiles

Other Uses for Stick on Tiles

Adhesive Smart Tile Sheets Stick on tiles are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to renovate a room. They are actually faster than repainting. And they offer more options. Stick on tiles come in multiple patterns and colours. This gives very different décor effect to repainting a wall in one solid colour. The right tiles […]

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Contemporary Ideas for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Transform with Kitchen Wall Tiles Tiles are an essential part of almost every kitchen. There are other elements to be sure – the cabinets, floor, benchtops- all in various colours. But the choice can make or break the overall effect. The kitchen is in some ways the hardest worked, most occupied room in the home. […]

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Matching Kitchen Wall Tiles and Paint

Tiling and painting combine well. We can achieve very pleasing renovations by repainting and retiling a kitchen or bathroom. And if we use adhesive tiles this can be done quite quickly at a low cost. As will all renovations, or anything concerning creativity and décor, the important thing is to find the right combination of […]

Peel and Stick Tile. Kitchen Splashback Tiles.

Peel and Stick Tile Home Projects

Why consider a Peel and Stick Tile Tiles are ideal for many surfaces. Because they will tolerate wet conditions they are popular in kitchens and bathrooms. They also prove popular in other situations simply because the right tile design looks good. Traditional tiles can be pricy and require considerable time and effort. They need to […]

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas

Kitchen Wall Tiles Home design means function and style. For a kitchen this means looking after all your cooking, eating and food storage needs. And having a kitchen that looks great. Ideally a kitchen is place we are happy to spend some time in. We spend more time in the kitchen than we realize, so […]

Kitchen splashbacks tiles. Smart tile.

Splashbacks Tiles Ideas

The Idea Behind Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles The kitchen splashback was initially a functional concept. It still is. The idea was to put tiles on the area of the wall behind the stove, to protect the wall from the spills and steam of cooking. This proved very effective and quite simple. It was soon discovered that […]

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Right Kitchen Wall Tiles Wall tiles will transform the whole look of a room. Some tiles, plain and neutral colors, will have minimal impact. Other tiles can define the room, or complement the other elements already in the room. From Subway Bricks to Damask Marble there are many tile designs to choose from. And […]