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Kitchen Updates with Smart Tiles?

What is a Smart Tile ? Smart tiles are the easy alternative to traditional ‘hard tile and grout’ wall tiles. Smart tiles are peel and stick tiles. They come in 30 cm square sheets that stick straight to the wall. They are easy to use, and attach to almost any clean, dry flat surface. Mostly […]

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Best Tile Options For Renting?

We might like a rental property for many reasons. It provides the extra space, it is conveniently located, it is part of a community with facilities. But occasionally an otherwise great rental property might have less than ideal decor. And we usually cannot change this because we are not the owners. So what is the […]

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What Are Smart Tiles?

Smart Tile We are all familiar with traditional tiles. We see them in almost every bathroom and a some kitchens. Few of us have tried to install traditional tiles, because we understand that installation requires considerable skill and produces considerable mess. So what is the alternative if we like tiles but lack the skills necessary […]

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Redecorate the Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Stickers A smart tile sheet is a quick yet effective way to redecorate a bathroom. Unlike traditional tiles which use grout and cement a stick on tile sheet attatches straight to the wall. As long as the surface is clean and flat the tiles can be fitted wiht just a straight edge and […]

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Kitchen Renovations

Adhesive Tiles for Kitchen Renovations We would all like an attractive kitchen space. If our kitchen is not already attractive we might consider a makeover. Except the cost of renovations is always considerable. Luckily there are less expensive ways to renovate a kitchen, and still achieve effective results. Adhesive tiles are effective for renovations, and […]

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How Do I Clean my Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles Bathrooms and kitchens probably need more cleaning that most other areas of the home. Food preparation in the kitchen and showering in the bathroom means these areas are constantly being exposed to water and scraps or dirt. But the good news is the water proof nature of these areas makes […]

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How Do I Deal With Mould on Tiles?

Bathroom Tiles Sydney Mould is a fairly common problem in bathrooms; the damp, humid conditions lend themselves to the growth of mould, even when the rest of the house is perfectly clean. We need to get rid of this mould, mostly because it can be bad for our health. It is not too difficult to […]

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Designs on Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Sydney There are two broad categories of kitchen and bathroom tiles, those that are patterned and those that are plain. Patterned tiles may have their pattern as part of the colour design, or their might be a pattern in the unusual shape of the tiles. Plain tiles are usually one colour, perhaps alternating […]

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What should I Do for Kitchen and Bathroom Tile?

Bathroom Tiles Sydney Bathrooms obviously need to be functional. But there is no reason why they cannot also be attractive. There are many elements in a bathroom that can be altered. Some of these are quite temporary, like curtains and bathmats; even towels on racks are part of the decor here. There are also elements […]

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Can I Mix Bathroom Tiles?

Bathroom Tiles Sydney If we tile a room we usually use just one type of tile, combining painted or timber walls with tiled walls. Perhaps we have a different style of tile on the floor. But there is no rule to say that the walls can only use one type of tile. We might find […]