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Organic Feel

Kitchen Tiles Sydney Stone and timber have a certain appeal. Even in this age of artificial materials we still like the organic look of timber and stone, so the synthetic materials often imitates the look of these natural materials. We respond to the semi-random look of these patterns. The reason for this appeal is not […]

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Kitchen Wall Tiles

The walls in the kitchen are designed to be a little different to the rest of the home. Kitchen walls are exposed moisture in the air and grease from cooking. And they are subject to the occasional spills that occur in all kitchens. So the walls must be able to accommodate this. Painters take this […]

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Creative Decor

Kitchen Tiles Sydney The first time we do something new we tend to be open minded. We have few preconceived notions, so we don’t try to push our previous ideas onto something we haven’t encountered before. This tend so make us a little more creative. Its a blank slate, and we are open to countless […]

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Frequent Questions

Bathroom Tiles Sydney Stick on tiles are the easy way to renovate a bathroom or kitchen. The Peel and stick tile sheets simply attach to the wall, with little mess or fuss. Some common questions but Bathroom tile stickers: Should I order based on size or quantity? Really, it is best to order according to […]

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Tiles and Paint

Bathroom Tiles Bathrooms almost always use tiles because of the need of waterproof surfaces. The floor will be some form of hard tile, porcelain, ceramic …etc. The Walls may use either traditional hard tiles or adhesive tiles with some water resistant (glossy) paint. Adhesive tiles are fine for walls because they are waterproof. Unlike floor […]

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Disinfecting Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Sydney One great advantage of tiles is that they don’t absorb liquids, so they can be easily cleaned. They won’t retain germs like curtains, carpets or other soft materials. Adhesive tiles have a further advantage over conventional tiles, they are also mould resistant. This makes tiles of all kinds one of the easier […]

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Budget Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Tiles Sydney All of us except the very rich have to stick to a budget. But this need not hold us back, because with some careful planning and judicial spending we can get some very satisfying results. Our bathroom is more important than we realize. We really notice this when it can’t be used, […]

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Tile Kitchen Splashback

Kitchens inevitably have their shares of spills, liquid or otherwise. And even when there is nothing actually spilt the kitchen will periodically have steam or cooking fat in the air. This is why we use hard surfaces like tiles or easy to clean plastics in the kitchen. They are easily to wipe clean if there […]

Stick on Kitchen Tiles

Advantages of Adhesive Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Sydney Tic Tac adhesive Tiles have many advantages over wall tiles. Tic Tac adhesive tiles are quick to install. You can do a wall in an hour or two. Adhesvie tiles do not require any complex tools. You just need a cutting tool like a knife or a pair of scissors, and a […]

Peel and Stick Tile

Changing the Home

Peel and Stick Tile Tiles create a hard and shiny surface. We may not think at first that this would lend itself to a cozy home. But the right tiles can look very cozy if they are deliberately chosen to complement the rest of the decor. And as there are tiles with so many patterns […]