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Can I Mix Bathroom Tiles?

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If we tile a room we usually use just one type of tile, combining painted or timber walls with tiled walls. Perhaps we have a different style of tile on the floor. But there is no rule to say that the walls can only use one type of tile. We might find that two contrasting types of tile give us an unique look.

Some tips:

– Balance busy patterns. Try small tiles or one colour against large tiles of a different colour.
– Pair pattern tiles with plain tiles or plain surfaces. Use a pattern only on one surface. Too many patterns is dominating.
– Play with scale. Large dark floor tiles with small white tiles in the shower will contrast well. Perhaps use a different tile on another surface.
– Stone can be treated a neutral, so it won’t compete with attention when you have a patterned design elsewhere.
– Try two types of earthy Matt tiles, and separate them with plain white tiles. Or combine brickwork with earthy tiles, separated by plain white.
– Juxtapose Matt and glossy tiles. A Matt floor contrasts nicely with glossy wall tiles.
– Tiles can contrast with timber or stone surfaces. Stone and woodgrain patterns contrast well with plain regular shaped tiles.
– Have consistent patterns with contrasting colours. A lite coloured brick floor tile will contrast with a dark brick wall tile.

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles can also be set up to contrast with floor tiles, or with other wall tiles. Consider large white tiles contrasting with small brown tiles. Perhaps add small tiles as trim.

Bathroom Tiles online

Kitchen and Bathroom tile stickers can be applied with minimal effort. They look great, and there is no mess, no fuss.

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