Peel and Stick Tile

Changing the Home

Peel and Stick Tile

Tiles create a hard and shiny surface. We may not think at first that this would lend itself to a cozy home. But the right tiles can look very cozy if they are deliberately chosen to complement the rest of the decor. And as there are tiles with so many patterns and colours available so there is always a tile that will look good in almost any situation.

Adhesive tiles are ideal for anywhere inside the home. These stick on tile sheets can be put up with no fancy tools and minimal effort.


We can easily overlook this part of the o. But it literally is the place where guests get the first impression. It is a small space, and we tend to just use it for storing shoes and umbrellas. But a small space is the fastest place to alter. So give the entrance a face-lift.

Consider adding some tiles half way up the wall to add some detail to a plain surface.

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Kitchen tiles are perhaps the most common use of adhesive tile sheets. Use these to create a splash-back behind the stove. To put tiles behind counters and on most walled surfaces. Tiles look best when combined with plain walls. Use fancy tiles to contrast with plain colours, or simple tile designs to contrast with more vibrant colour walls.

Tile sheets are easy to clean, so they prove functional in a kitchen where a few spills and steamy cooking are inevitable.

Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Bathroom tiles are the easy way to give this space a face-lift. The Bathroom are usually small, so we can do a face-lift in minimal time with minimal materials.

Adhesive tile sheets are quite water resistant, as is glossy wall paint. So combine a tile design with some complementary style paint and have a totally new look. Add a bathmat and change the curtains if this helps the decor.

Buy Tiles Online

Tiles sheets can be bought cheaply online. And because they are so light they can be posted at low cost. This really is the easy and inexpensive ways to perform effective home renovations.

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