Cleaning Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and Stick Tile Australia

Kitchen and Bathroom tiles stickers will need to be periodically cleaned, as all home surfaces need periodic cleaning. Because of the materials used for these bathroom and kitchen tile stickers the cleaning is fairly straightforward.

Microfibre Cloths

These are extremely useful and good for the environment.

Microfibre cloth are made of very fine material, threads of less the 1 denier thickness (the thickness of a silk thread). This material is so fine that it picks up bacteria, grime and dirt at a microscopic scale. This allows microfiber cloths to be used without chemical cleaners.

Microfibre cloths are also very soft, so they are very unlikely to scratch anything, though it is possible for grit caught in the cloth to cause scratches. This makes them ideal for cleaning polishes surfaces like car paintwork and mirrors.

The strong electrostatic properties of microfiber cloths makes them very effective for removing dust.

Microfibre cloths can be bought in bulk packs, with various coloured cloths. Some of these are labelled for different purposes, so the cleaning surfaces do not become cross- contaminated. Have some cloths set aside for the floor, the benchtop, the car, the shower …etc.

Bathroom and Kitchens Tiles Sticker Australia

Microfiber cloths are good for cleaning Tic Tac tiles. Keep one on hand for this very purpose.

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