Consider Stick On Tiles

Consider Stick On Tiles


Stick on tiles are both a great alternative to conventional tiles and a great decoration idea in their own right.

Conventional tiles require considerable effort to install. They must be attached (often individually) with adhesive and have their gaps filled with grouting. This is a time consuming process, requiring skill and a lot of cleaning up. And because tiles also heavy they require a reasonably strong wall for support.

Peel and stick tiles are can be put up in minimal time; it may only take an hour to cover a large wall surface, and far less for a small area. All the installation requires is a cutting implement (scissors or a knife) and a straight edge (like ruler). The stick on tiles come in large sheets. These sheets have only to be cut to size and attached to the right place on the wall.

Peel and stick tiles are made of 3D gel, which is easy to clean and resistant to staining, mould, and bacteria. The material is also water proof and reasonable heat resistant. They can be used for kitchen splashbacks as long as they are not too near to a stove heating element.

Part of the point of tiling is the décor. Neat tiles look great. And they are even better if they suit the overall room décor. With adhesive tile sheets there are many styles. Choose from strong austere tiles to bold colours and fancy geometric patterns.


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Home renovations can be impressive without too much effort. Stick on tiles and perhaps some repainting is enough to transform a bathroom or kitchen.




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