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The first time we do something new we tend to be open minded. We have few preconceived notions, so we don’t try to push our previous ideas onto something we haven’t encountered before. This tend so make us a little more creative. Its a blank slate, and we are open to countless possibilities, both good and bad.

The flip side to this is that we can get stuck in a rut if we always stick to the familiar. We repeat the same pattern, perhaps with some slight variation, if we ever try to make a change.

We can end up getting stuck in a rut with home decor. If we have always had a certain wall colour and a certain style of tile in a room we end up thinking of the room in terms of that colour and tile design. And we forget about all the other ways the room might be decorated. This is why outside designers often have such novel ideas for changes, changes that no longer occur to us.

It is quite possible to radically change the look of a room with a few simple alterations. Wall colour is only the beginning of this. Tiles, curtain, flooring can all be changed to great effect. The only factor is that all the elements of the room must fit together. But there is no end of the possible combinations of colours and designs. We just have to avoid the bad combinations.

We can get stuck in a rut if we just make one change at a time. We get new curtains that suit the present wall colour, or new tiles that are similar to the old style. There are far more possibilities if we plan to change all the elements at once. We completely transform the room.

Try taking some photos of the kitchen or bathroom, and use Photoshop to experiment with multiple changes. different wall, floor and window coverings can mean a completely different room.

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

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