Kitchen Wall Tiles

Dark and Light Kitchen

The space we have in a room can always be enhanced with some good design options. This means both practical use of space, like finding clever storage options, and the right colours scheme to make the space look open and bright.

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Dark and light colours contrasts can do wonders for any space. We tend to think of kitchens as being white, perhaps because this is the old fashioned decor approach, perhaps because we think of this as being clean and appropriate for a kitchen. But all white decor is sterile. White with some colour trim is better, especially if we like modern designs. White or other light colours contrasted with dark offers more possibilities.

Some kitchens have a dark floor. This is a feature that is not easily changed. But if we match this dark floor with white walls (perhaps tiled) and good lighting then we can have a room that feels open. This even works if we have a dark structure (kitchen island) in the middle of the floor.

Or we can achieve contrast in a different way. We can have a basically all light kitchen with strong accessories. Dark cushions on seats, a dark floor mat, a coffee table, even cupboard handles. This can be spacious without ever being sterile. A stone bench-top is a white kitchen can work well.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Adhesive wall tiles can easily add that missing element to an other wise sterile space. Tiles can be used for trim around walls, or for a single feature wall.

Adhesive stick on tiles are easy to use. There is no glue, grout or complex tools. And there is very little to clean up afterwards. And Peel and stick tile sheets are always evenly spaced, so they look neat perfect with very little effort.

Find the style of tile that suit your needs and give the kitchen a face-lift in just an hour or two.

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