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Disinfecting Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

One great advantage of tiles is that they don’t absorb liquids, so they can be easily cleaned. They won’t retain germs like curtains, carpets or other soft materials. Adhesive tiles have a further advantage over conventional tiles, they are also mould resistant.

This makes tiles of all kinds one of the easier kitchen surfaces to clean. But this is not to say that we should neglect the cleaning. Germs can lie dormant on any surface, often for several days. We need to clean tiles to keep our environment healthy. This is especially important in the present lock down from Coronavirus.

Kitchen Tiles – Cleaning Issues

  • Use a disinfectant, not just a cleaner. Cleaning removes dirt, grime and some germs. Disinfectants kill virtually all germs.
  • Clean first, then disinfect. Else, you will just be cleaning the top of the dirt, not the germs underneath.
  • Disinfect daily. The surfaces on the home are constantly being exposed with germs, at least if there are people living there. We need to constantly keep things sterile.
  • Give the disinfectant some time to work. Do not wipe it off immediately. Look for the optimal time on the label of the product.
  • Skipping areas. Everywhere from door handles to the space under a table will harbour germs. Clean everywhere.
  • This includes knife holders and cutlery drawers.
  • Use microfibre cloths rather than paper towels or sponges. These help remove germs.
  • Disinfect wet cleaning cloths by putting them through the microwave.
  • If possible, use an air-purifier with HEPA filters to clean the air.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Adhesive tiles offer great DIY options for your kitchen or bathroom. They are also mould resistant and easy to clean.

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