Easy Kitchen DIY Projects

A lot of us would like a new kitchen, but we know the cost would be considerable, if not totally out of our budget. But we can usually do some DIY projects that change the look of our kitchen facilities, and maybe add some storage space in the process.

Some easy renovations are =:

  • Add some coloured adhesive contact over cupboard doors. Maybe just cover the top third of the lower doors and the bottom third of the higher doors.
  • Repaint cupboard doors. It is easy if you detach the doors and paint them outside.
  • Change handles on draws and doors. Brassy handles or other decorative style are fairly cheap, and look especially good after repainting.
  • Just add a new matt for the floor. This is especially good in the colder weather.
  • Put some coloured bulbs in the lights. A natural sunshine globe makes any room look bright and sunny. Candle type lights are very pleasant at night.
  • Add some new power points with USB connectors (you need a licenced electrician for this). This saves some clutter with chargers. And it looks so high tech.
  • Put some décor on window. Transparent stick on decorations can look good.
  • Window tints keep the room cooler in summer, and block the Ultraviolet light that causes sunburn and fading paint. Some tints are virtually clear.
  • New curtains make all the difference.
  • Add some plants. Good for cleaning the air.
  • Add some shelves.
  • Stick on tiles look great as splashbacks or as part of a cupboard door.

Kitchen Tile Stickers Australia

A Peel and stick tile projects is about as easy as any DIY project. And all the better because the results are so dramatic. The only issue is deciding which tile to use. There are so many options.

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