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Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Stick on tiles are the easy way to renovate a bathroom or kitchen. The Peel and stick tile sheets simply attach to the wall, with little mess or fuss.

Some common questions but Bathroom tile stickers:

Should I order based on size or quantity?

Really, it is best to order according to the area you want to cover. The tile sheets are 30cm square. Look at how this will fit into the space you wish to cover.

Is it easy to align adhesive tile sheets?

Yes, as long as there is a straight line to follow it is easy to align the tile sheets. You can either align them to the edge of a bench below the area you are tiling. Or you can simply draw a straight horizontal line with a pencil and align the tiles to this. Use a fluid level ruler to make sure the line is horizontal.

Should I clean the wall first?

Yes, a clean wall will provide a much better surface for the tiles to adhere to. Clean any grease off the wall the day before you apply the tiles. and make sure the area is completely dry before you start to attach the tiles.

Does the temperature of the wall matter?

Yes, a cold wall is not the best surface for attaching tiles. The wall should be 20 degrees Celsius. This is room temperature, so usually there is not really problem, unless it is a cold bathroom. Warm the room with a heater if necessary.

Can I install them behind a stove?

Certainly, stick on tiles are often used behind a stove to create a splash-back. But make sure to leave a 20cm space between the tiles and any hot surface.
Also, stoves and cooking equipment often leave grease on the walls, so make sure to thoroughly clean the area the day before you apply the tile sheets.

Should I put a caulked join between any bench-top and the wall when putting up tiles?

A caulked joint, meaning a silicone seal between any bench and the wall, is a good way to keep out moisture. do this a few days before putting up the stick on tile sheets.

Are the tiles prone to staining?

The tiles are mostly stain resistant. But a few things like turmeric will stain almost any surface. Keep these away from the tiles, or from any wall.

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Adhesive tile sheets are a great way to spruce up the look of any kitchen or bathroom. This, combined perhaps with some paintwork, is the cheap yet effective way to redecorate.

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