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How Do I Clean my Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathrooms and kitchens probably need more cleaning than most other areas of the home. Food preparation in the kitchen and showering in the bathroom means these areas are constantly being exposed to water and scraps or dirt. But the good news is the waterproof nature of these areas makes them easier to clean than other rooms; we don’t have to deal with carpet shampooing or dry clean furnishings. Often it is a simple matter to quickly wipe down bathroom and kitchen wall tiles.

Equipment and Techniques for Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles

Microfibre Cloths
These have become popular over the last generation, and have proved useful for everything from car polishing to fine tiles.
Microfibre cloths have very fine fibers, so they trap even the tiniest particles, including bacteria and microscopic particles. They also have electrostatic properties, so they are great at picking up dust.
A damp microfibre cloth is great for general cleaning tiles. They will clean most contaminants, though won’t remove mould or soap scum, mould is not an issue with stick-on tiles. And soap scum can be removed by other methods.

Soap Scum
The use of detergent, shampoo and other products in the shower often leads to a build-up of soap scum on tiles. This tends to be worse on hard floor tiles, and less of an issue on adhesive tiles. But if the problem does occur it can be cleaned with a simple few tricks.
Soap scum residue is the buildup of soap on hard surfaces. This leaves the surface sticky and covered in grime.

An easy way to remove soap scum is to use white vinegar and a stiff brush. Less the vinegar soak on the surface for a few minutes, then scrub with the brush. Afterward, rinse with water.


A vacuum with a soft brush attachment is fine for many kitchen surfaces, but do not use it if the surface is wet. Most household vacuums will not tolerate water.

Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles

Peel and stick tile sheets are easy to install and provide an easy to clean surface for bathrooms and kitchens.

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