Kitchen Décor Ideas

Kitchen Wall Tiles

While it might be expensive to completely remodel a kitchen it is not too expensive to give a kitchen a facelift. And it need not take too much time, either. We can repaint and retile a kitchen with smart tiles over the course of a weekend. And this is enough to completely change the look of the room.

Repainting needs no explanation. As long as the surface is well cleaned, we can repaint. Smart tiles are almost as simple as painting. And they actually create less mess. Smart tile sheets are adhesive, and stick to almost any clean, flat surface. As long as we can trim the edges to fit, there are no issues. We just need to get the tile design and paint colour to work together.


Some Kitchen Wall Tile ideas.

Bright yellow paint and white tiles look very clean and sunny. We can add to this with electrical lighting that imitates sunlight, and perhaps light curtains.

White paint and Subway yellow tiles also look clean and bright. Again, lighting and curtains can enhance this.

Feature Wall – We can have one wall of the kitchen highly decorated, and the rest kept plain. Smart tiles can be used to create a mural as a feature wall. Or we might just have a tile design with an interesting pattern. Keep the other walls clean and open looking by using plain while tiles.

Contrasting Dark and light – Consider white tiles and black tiles in a kitchen. This, with a few furnishings, looks clean and stark. White and dark grey tiles (think slate colour) have a similar effect. White and brown tiles will give a more organic, earthy effect.

Stone tiles look very prestige. They are most effective when the rest of the kitchen is unadorned and plain. Stonework also looks good against brass doorknobs on cabinets and brass fittings on taps.

Blue and white tiles look great, with a ‘summer by the pool’ type of vibe.  Blue and tiles with intricate geometric patterns can give some detail to an otherwise plain space. Plain blue tiles contrasted with a white surface will make a cluttered space feel more open and relaxed.

Country Style kitchen – These have a ‘no stress’, relaxed atmosphere. Crème colours, woodgrain surfaces, and organic looking tiles can achieve this country look.

All Green – This is a bold look, and not for everybody. Glossy green smart tiles and matt green cupboards look very vivid. Think Emerald City.

Rustic Raw Wood – White tiles again, but contrasted with wooden shelves and cupboards. We can emphasis the white tiles if they have dark grout. And consider using reclaimed timber.

All white – White tiles and white surfaces will look empty on their own. But if we add green plants and knickknacks we can get a very pleasing result.


Kitchen Wall Tiles

Smart tiles are easy to use and create no mess. Give a kitchen or bathroom a facelift with smart tile sheets.