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Kitchen Makeovers

More than a few of us have a few home renovations that we never seem to get around to starting. Part of this may be procrastination, it does take time and effort. But we may end up deferring the renovations because they tend to be expensive. We might start a project if there was either a less expensive option, or if we could just do part of the project today, leaving the other parts to when we have the finances.

Kitchens are expensive to remodel. It often requires the moving of bench top and built-in cupboards. But if we just want to give the kitchen a facelift, a change of colour and mood, we can do this on a very modest budget.

Paint the Walls

The wall colour is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of a room. Yet it is not too difficult to change. A tin of paint is fairly cheap, and as kitchens tend to have a significant amount of the wall space covered by cupboards there is less wall surface for painting. 2 litres of paint is often enough.

Find a paint colour that works with the rest of the decor. Gloss or eggshell paint is better are resisting stains.

Look At the Lighting

The light from the windows or electric system has a huge impact on the look of a room. New curtains on the windows can change the light coming into the room, giving it a pleasant tint. Electric bulbs are available in natural sunshine, warm candle, or other tinted colours. Some bulbs can vary between these. The different lights can give the final touch to a fine decor.

Smart Tile

Smart tiles will adhere to almost any clean, flat surface. They look like ceramic tiles, or stone, or sometimes even like timber.

There are many advantages to using smart tiles. For one thing, they are waterproof. This is ideal for kitchen splashbacks as spills and steam for cooking are always an issue. Another advantage is that tiles add texture to a room. This contrasts well with smooth paintwork.

Adhesive Stone Tiles

A stone surface kitchen was once a very expensive option. But we can get a similar decor with stick-on stone tiles. Adhesive Stone Tiles can add a textured stone surface to cupboard doors, walls, or oven splash-backs (protecting the wall behind the oven). This can be matched to the colour of the painted walls and the flooring material.

Floor Tiles

Stick on floor tiles are relatively new. Older adhesive tiles were not durable enough for walking on, but new technology has changed this. The floor material alters the look of the room, and is especially effective when colour is coordinated with the walls and furnishings.

Smart Tile

Transform your kitchen or bathroom with adhesive stick-on tiles, adhesive stone tiles, or adhesive floor tiles.

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