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Kitchen Renovations

Adhesive Tiles for Kitchen Renovations

We would all like an attractive kitchen space. If our kitchen is not already attractive we might consider a makeover. Except the cost of renovations is always considerable.
Luckily there are less expensive ways to renovate a kitchen, and still achieve effective results. Adhesive tiles are effective for renovations, and can (perhaps combined with some paintwork) completely transform the appearance of a room.

Adhesive Tile has many advantages:

  • A realistic and non-transparent tile look
  • Commercial-grade self sticking surface, no extra adhesive or grout required
  • Light-weighted 3D gel-like surface
  • Easy to cut and trim to size with a blade cutter or scissors
  • Resistant to water, moisture, humidity, and moderate heat
  • Hypo-allergenic, chemical free
  • Anti-mold, anti-fungal.
  • Works effectively for any flat and indoor spaces including kitchen, bathroom, laundry room … etc. Also works for Caravans and RVs.

Kitchen Wall Renovations

Self-adhesive tiles are easy to fit onto kitchen walls. As long as the surface is flat and clean the tiles will stick in place, the sheets just need to be cut to size.

Peel and Stick Backsplash

A backsplash is a tiled section of the wall behind the stove. It is there to protect the wall from the steam, heat, and inevitable splashes of stove-top cooking.

It is quite an easy matter to make a Backsplash from self-adhesive tiles. Either the tiles can be fitted directly to the wall, or the tiles can be fitted to a wooden board placed in front of the wall. the right style of tiles can make a backsplash look attractive as well as practical.

Adhesive Floor Tiles

Floors need to be durable to handle the constant traffic of people walking. In the past good floors were expensive. And kitchen floors also needed the floor material to be reasonably waterproof. But this can be done fairly cheaply with adhesive floor tiles.
Kitchen Renovations
A kitchen can be renovated, or at least redecorated, quite cheaply, with stick-on tiles. The materials are inexpensive, the work is fairly simple. Ths only matter is finding the right tiles for the decor we want.

Tiles for Kitchen Renovations

Want to renovate or at least redecorate the kitchen? Adhesive tiles for walls and floors can completely change the look of any room.

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