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Kitchen Tiles and Splashback

Kitchen Splashback Tiles for Home Decor

The atmosphere in a kitchen varies from hectic cooking on some occasions,  to serene conversations over coffee at other times. But if there are people in the kitchen then there will be steam from cooking, splattered oil from frying, or the occasional spilled drink. So kitchen surfaces are made waterproof to accommodate these inevitable situations.

Virtually every kitchen will have tiled floors and some wall tiles, to provide waterproof surfaces. Even those without tiles will use an alternate form of waterproof material, like sealed stone. A modern alternative is to use a smart tile surface. Smart tiles look like traditional tiles but are much cheaper and much easier to use.

One area of the kitchen that benefits from tiles is the area behind the stove. This often goes unnoticed, until the wall suffers from cooking spills. So many kitchens have a splashback behind the stove. This is simply a tiled surface that protects the wall from steam and moisture.

A smart tile splashback is a good idea. This can be fitted to the wall in an hour or less, requiring minimal skill. Smart tile kitchen splashback tile surfaces are also very lightweight. This means the wall does not need to support the weight of heavy ceramic tiles. The smart tile splashback can be put over almost any clean, flat surface.

Stone tiles are popular with many kitchen decors. These are available as smart tiles, which actually use a thin layer of real stone. This is one of many fine options for Kitchen Splashback Tiles. The stone smart tile splashback looks more refined than most other decor options.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles at Tic Tac Tiles

Use smart tiles to give your kitchen a facelift. Protect the area behind the stove with Kitchen Splashback Tiles. Options include genuine stone or traditional tiles.


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