Kitchen Tile Stickers

Kitchen Tiles Splashback

Kitchen Tile Stickers

We can use smart tile sheets to great effect in the Kitchen. These are the easiest way to makeover a kitchen, or to add a peel and stick splashback behind the stove.

Almost all kitchens use tiles. This is because traditional tiles are ideal for wet areas. We could use sealed stone or cement for rooms that get wet, but the stone is expensive, and the cement looks very bland. On the other hand, traditional tiles range in price from cheap to moderately expensive and work extremely well. And there is no end to the number of patterns and colours available in today’s range of tiles.

Kitchen Tile Stickers are an alternative to traditional tiles. They are suitable for most applications where the water exposure is not too extreme, or the heat is not too high. So they can be put near sinks or stoves in kitchens without issue.

Peel and stick tiles are very easy to install. Unlike traditional tiles, there is no cement or grout, no messy tools, and no messy clean-up afterward. Instead, peel and stick kitchen tile stickers can be fitted to any clean, dry flat surface. They will need to be trimmed with a pair of scissors and a straight edge, but otherwise, installation is very simple and quite quick. We can often do a small room in an hour or two.

Kitchen renovations tend to be expensive. There is plumbing to consider, and stoves and fridges to fit in. But we can give a fairly cheap facelift to a kitchen with smart tile sheets, and perhaps some painting.

Peel and Stick Splashback Tiles

Many stove tops have a tiled section behind the hotplates to protect the wall. This is a simple yet effective concept. The tiled section is very good at protecting against hot grease or water that inevitably splatters when we are cooking with pots and pans. It also protects against steam and moisture in the air. The wall behind the tiles will not suffer damage or suffer mould when there is a tile splashback.

It is a simple matter use peel and stick tile sheets to make a stove splashback. Any tile sheet can do this, as long as the tile surface is 15cm from any hot surface. One neat-looking option is the stone tile sheets. This is literally a stone surface. It makes the splashback look quite elegant and expensive.

Kitchen Tile Stickers

A peel and stick splashback is useful behind the stove. Adhesive tiles are ideal for this, and stone tiles look great.

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