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Kitchen Updates with Smart Tiles?

What is a Smart Tile?

Smart tiles are the easy alternative to traditional ‘hard tile and grout’ wall tiles. Smart tiles are peel and stick tiles. They come in 30 cm square sheets that stick straight to the wall. They are easy to use and attach to almost any clean, dry flat surface. Mostly these are wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, but adhesive floor tiles are also becoming popular.

Using the Smart Tile Sheet

There are many ways to spruce up your kitchen or the bathroom with stick-on tile sheets. The most obvious is to just put up new tiles on the wall, perhaps combined with some repainting. But while that is the most popular, there are further options.

Add A Kitchen SplashBack

This is a tiled section behind the stove that protects the wall from cooking splashes and steam. It is a simple matter to make a peel and stick backspash with kitchen tile stickers. And it is easy to find a style of tile that matches the kitchen decor.

Other Options for Kitchen Decor

Hang some Shelves

Some extra shelf space is always useful. But installing shelves through traditional tiles is difficult. Tiles are tough, and drilling through them requires special tools. Smart Tiles are the exception. It is easy to drill through the soft material. So as long as you mount the shelf on a solid piece of wall (i.e.: into a wooden frame behind the plaster) there should be no issues.


The two primary components of the kitchen walls are the tiled surfaces and the painted surfaces. By changing both you essentially redecorate the entire kitchen. You can also change the floor with adhesive floor tiles.

We can change the handles on draws, add hooks to hang plants or utensils, or add rods to hand a few curtains or drapes. However, this is much easier with stick-on tiles because you don’t have to drill through hard ceramic and grout. Peel and stick tile sheets are quick and easy to use, yet give great results. Consider these for an effective budget renovation for bathrooms and kitchens.

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