Kitchen Wall Tiles

Matching Kitchen Wall Tiles and Paint

Tiling and painting combine well. We can achieve very pleasing renovations by repainting and retiling a kitchen or bathroom. And if we use adhesive tiles this can be done quite quickly at a low cost.

As will all renovations, or anything concerning creativity and décor, the important thing is to find the right combination of elements. It’s not about more effort, or being fancy, or expensive. It’s about the right two or three element that fit neatly together.

Advice on Kitchen Wall Tiles

Some stick-on tile sheets have undertones or veins in their pattern. This can be used as a basis for finding a complementary colour for painting the adjacent walls.

If you choose the tiles first, then take a sample tile when shopping for the paint. Placing the sample tile next to the paint will give a reasonable idea of how the two will look on the wall. That being said, the room lighting and the fact that the paint will cover a large wall surface should also be taken into consideration. Sometimes the pain looks a shade darker, or a shade lighter. So try a sample pot of paint before buying paint in larger quantities

Consider Wall Tile Texture

Modern adhesive tiles have a 3D depth. More fancy tiles, such as genuine stone, have both this depth and a stone texture. This texture will contrast with the wall paint and other elements in the room. A rough stone texture best contrasts with a smooth, neutral paint colour. Dark stone goes well with crème or white walls. Light stone can go with light wall colours, but keep the contrast between the rough tile and the smooth paint. Smooth marble benchtops can work with stone some kitchen decors, but they can sometimes clash.

Grouting is the filler between tiles. This is usually white, but coloured grout does exist, and can be effective if the colours work well with the tiles. But if in doubt, stick to white. You will rarely go wrong with white grout.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Adhesive tiles can transform a kitchen with minimal effort, especially when combined with new paintwork. Find the right tile design with us.


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