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Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Any room that has tiles often emphasizes functionality, as well as waterproofing. Bathrooms and kitchens are these because we need to shower and prepare meals. But while this makes tiles almost mandatory there is not reason why can’t be stylish as well. The right tile design can look great, and the functionality need not be impaired.

a minimalist approach is often a good idea for bathroom and kitchens. These rooms tend to get cluttered with utensils and gadgets. But we can help things look a little neater if the decor is open and light.

Minimalism is about using the right colours and the right amount or trim to achieve the desired effect. Saying a lot with few elements.

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

We need to store a lot of things in the kitchen, but we also need a lot of space to prepare food. So we need to find clever ways to use the storage space available, to leave more bench space for food preparation. But we still end up with a kitchen that is feels full.

It helps to keep things looking tidy by keeping the decor sparce. Too sparse will look sterile. Think plain white tiles. But we can have an open look of we add some trim to an otherwise sparse decor. Add one row of colour trim tiles around the edges and brighten up the room.

Or consider a two colour scheme. Either white tiles with a bold or bright colour on the walls. Or white walls with bold tiles, perhaps used sparingly.

Bench-tops take up significant space, so they are a significant part of the decor. They will need to be coordinated with the rest of the kitchen. Plain colours will match any tiles and walls, but this lacks imagination. Consider marble of stone designs, including replica marble, and match this to the tiles and paintwork.

Floors are semi-permanent. So it is easier to match the wall paint and tiles to suit the floor than the other way around. Adhesive tiles make this easy.

Adhesive Kitchen Wall Tiles

Stick on tiles make renovations easy. On their own, or combined with some paintwork, they can completely transform a room. Best of all, they can put put up in an hour or two with little effort and no complex tools.

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