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Mix and Match Peel and Stick Tiles

Mix and Match Tiles Peel and Stick Tiles

Tiles are very versatile – we can use them on so many surface. Peel and stick tiles make this easy for almost any wall. But of course we want the right décor look when we use tiles, or any other materials for that matter. So we need to pick the right tiles for the right circumstance, and perhaps combine tile sand other surfaces in a way that works effectively.

• Balance details. No room looks good there is too much going on; it will feel too busy. Put intricate detailed tiles to brighten up a plain room, and use neat, plain perhaps larger tiles to complement an otherwise detailed décor.
• Pair patterns with plain surfaces. Use one style to define the room, and work other surfaces around this look, keeping them plain or complementary.
• Have at least one light reflecting surface, this helps make the room appear more open and spacious.

• Experiment with scale. Large floor tiles on the floor can work well when walls have small detailed tiles, or odd shaped tiles. Large rectangles on the floor and small hexagonal tiles on the walls is one option.
• Stone patterns, usually on large floor tiles, complement well with smaller, plain wall tiles. The patterns should not complete.
• Textures can be complementary too. Brick finish looks good against glossy light tiles.
• Surface finishes can be complementary. Matt floors and glossy walls can work well. Or the opposite.

• You can combine uniformity with contrast. Use the same shape of tile on two surfaces, but have one in a dark colour, and the other light and bright.
• If the room already has a lot of detail, shelves, cabinets, half walls…etc., then use a restricted colour pattern, like white, grey or crème. This prevent the room from being overwhelming.
• Mirrors and lighting will make a room look more open. Consider changing these before choosing tile.

Bathroom tiles Sydney
Bathroom floors will need tradition tiles to provide a strong waterproof surface. But stick-on tiles are great for redecorating the walls, cabinets and other areas.
Make sure to match the floor tiles and décor to the stick in tiles.

Kitchen tiles Sydney
Kitchens are easy to brighten up with peel and stick tiles. Otherwise bland surfaces look great with intricate tiles. Or detailed surfaces look great nest to austere tiled surfaces. Use tiles as trim, or as the main wall feature in your kitchen.

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