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It is easy to find the pieces and materials to make up a bathroom; the internet gives us access to so many products. But being able to combine these elements into something that looks impressive, that takes some creative thinking.

Yet the options today means we can all have bathroom, or kitchens, that are unique, and that cater to our personal taste.

About the only common concept to all these modern designed bathrooms is coherence – all the elements in the room fit together to make something that is coherent. The room feels planned out, not put together haphazardly.

Bright White – This is a safe bet, and a versatile one. Stark white tiles and walls look good with any decent lighting. And white goes with anything we might add. Look for marble tiles, with subtle patterns, or just white porcelain tiles.

Space – The bathroom is rarely a large space, but if we have the feeling of space then the room at least feels big. Mirrors, good lighting and spare walls go a long way to creating a room that feels open.

Floating vanity – Be leaving space under the bathroom bench/vanity we give the feeling of more space in the room. And it helps with a minimalist look.

Freestanding bath – Again, space underneath help create the feeling of a more open room.

Proportion – Easy to over look, but if one element of the bathroom is too large or too prominent then the room looks odd. Plan the design so the proportions look natural. When we get this right we don’t question the results, it just looks/feels right.

Lift- Have storage space like shelves higher up on the walls, so the floor feels more open.

Bathroom Mat – One mat in the middle of the floor means a soft surface underfoot. Choose a mat that matches the rest of the decor, especially the curtains.

Glass partitions- Glass partitions around the shower makes the room feel more open.

Bold trim – If the rest of the decor is sparse and light you can add some darker trim. For best effect keep this is a minimum.

Texture and contrast – If the tiles are plain have some textured wood-grain, or some contrasting wall colour. All the same looks sterile.

Bathroom Tiles Online

Stick on tiles are effective and inexpensive. And the right design of these adhesive tiles can make your bathroom look just right.

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