Natural and Ordered Aesthetics

There is an appeal in the natural look of stone or woodgrain. Artificial products often imitate the semi-random patterns of woodgrain. This type of natural pattern appeals to our aesthetic senses. There can be problems without it, if things are too ‘perfect’.

Part of our aesthetic sense likes order. We like structure, complementary colours, neat proportions …etc. but if we get too close to this type of thing we risk creating a sterile environment. When things are perfectly set out they are so regular that our brain soon tunes them out, like a clock ticking in the background. This is lifeless and boring. This is the problem with being ‘too perfect’.

One way to get beyond this is to incorporate some of the randomness of nature into a design. Hence the appeal of woodgrain, or stone marbling. This is never completely regular, but it has a very earthy, natural appeal to it. A regular pattern incorporating a natural randomness is a good balance that we find aesthetically appealing. A timber floor with natural woodgrain is one example of this. Neatly spaced tiles with stone marbling is another.

Kitchen Tile Stickers Australia

Peel and stick tiles will often combine a natural looking tile with an ordered arrangement. Each individual tile has a slightly random pattern, but they are arranged in a very neat formation. Else, highly uniform tiles can be combined with a more organic background. Strong, almost clashing colours are another possibility to prevent monotony.

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