Bathroom Tile Stickers smart tile

Redecorate the Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Stickers

A smart tile sheet is a quick yet effective way to redecorate a bathroom. Unlike traditional tiles which use grout and cement, a stick-on tile sheet attaches straight to the wall. As long as the surface is clean and flat the tiles can be fitted with just a straight edge and a knife to trim the edges.
If we are going to the trouble of renovating the bathroom we might want to consider all the possible changes. Many changes are simple and inexpensive, and they do not have to be done all at once.

  • Curtains – We can match curtains and blinds to the room decor. If we have plain white or creme tiles then we can use almost any colour for the curtains and other trim. Else, we can use plain white curtains and have fancy titles. Any decor works best with a combination of openness and detail. Offset plain surfaces with fancy curtains and trim, or fancy tiles with plain curtains and trim. Curtains provide privacy, but they can also be translucent to let sunlight through.
  • Matts and Shower Coverings – Match the floor mat and any shower covering to suit the window curtains or blinds.
    Exhaust Fan- More of a functional convenience than an element of the decor, an exhaust fan keeps the humidity low, the temperatures stable, and the air clear.
  • Lighting – We can go either way with this – We might like dim candlelight at night, and bright sunshine in the morning. Red light is also useful at night, as it prevents us from waking up when we need to sleep. Look for modern light that allows a variety of colour options.
  • Paint – If we Re-tile we might want to repaint as well, to match the colour schemes. Bathrooms are one of the few locations that suit glossy finish paint, which repels moisture better than matt paint. But the new eggshell finish also repels moisture quite well.
  • Fly Screens – Air circulation makes all the difference for a room full of shower steam and other moisture. Put up some fly screen mesh to keep the insects out, but allow the air in.

Bathroom Tile Stickers

Self-adhesive floor tiles and wall tiles make bathroom renovations a breeze. Is it easy to have tiles delivered when ordered online.

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