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Smart Tile Decor Ideas

What is a Smart Tile?

Almost every home has tiles in at least one room, usually the bathroom and kitchen, perhaps on a Spa. Tiles are ideal for any area that gets wet, and because of the colours and designs available, there are always good decor options.

The downside of tiles is that they are hard and expensive to install, requiring a professional or a reasonably skilled DIY hobbyist. And they are very much permanent. So we pay considerable money for tiled floors or walls that we have to keep long term. The alternative to this is smart tiles.

Smart tiles are sheets of plastic tiles that imitate the look and feel of traditional ceramic tiles. They have the advantage of being very easy to install. They will attach to any clean, flat surface, and can change the whole look of the room. They are also reasonably inexpensive.

Using Smart Tile Sheets Creatively

It is not too difficult to find a tile design that complements the look of the kitchen of bathroom. And it is not too difficult to change the paintwork to complement this tile design that you like. But there can be other ways, other places, to use smart tile sheets.

Arches and Curves – This has come back into fashion, arches over doorways and curves on wall. We can use tile sheets to create this effect. Mirrors also look good in this type of decor.

Accent walls – This uses smart tile sheets to create brickwork or stone on one wall of a room. This can make any sterile space look rustic, old fashioned, or even slick and modern. The effect is most noticeable when done in a bare space, but an accent wall or brick or stone can also complement a timber floor.

Cottagecore – This uses a smart tiles combined with photos, flowers, vintage elements, timber, fabrics and warm colours. It is like a old style scrapbook, but used to decorate a wall or room.

Combine smooth, flat colours with stone for an interesting combination. Smart Tiles are available in both the smooth and stone styles. Smooth, flat tiles in black, white, crème or clay will contrast well with stone texture tiles. Consider contrasting geometric flat tiles with stone brickwork.

White tiles make a great backdrop if we want to add a themed decor in front. White smart tiles with a wall of green plants is one option. Coloured vases or wood work sculptures also look good against a white tile background.

Smart Tile

Use tiles creatively in the kitchen or any room to bring about a great decor effect. Smart tiles are easy to use and inexpensive.

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