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Some Smart Tile Projects

About the Smart Tile


Smart tiles are much less expensive than conventional tiles, and because they are light weight they can be used in many situations where conventional tiles would be too heavy. Furthermore, they are free from mould and will not crack over time.

Smart tile projects are quite quick and simple to implement. The tiles sheets stick into place on any clean, flat surface. And there are a number of possibilities for projects around the home or office.


Smart Tile Projects

It is easy to create a peel and stick backsplash with some smart tile sheets. A backsplash is a tiled area on the wall behind the stove. It protects the wall from steam and spills that inevitably occur when cooking.

A peel and stick splashback must be 15 cm away from any hot surface (like the plates on a stove). But this is the only precaution when using smart tiles.

We recommend an extractor fan above the stove.


Bookshelves can be modernized with smart tiles. Even an old and worn bookshelf can look good with tiles on the back panel. You might try stone pattern tiles on the back to contrast with woodgrain shelves. Or you might prefer bright colour tiles and vivid white surfaces.


Half wall dividers are a horizontal line of tiles along the middle of the wall. This can make a plain wall, an otherwise plain room, look far more interesting. The only tricky part is making sure the smart tile sheets are exactly straight. So measure and mark the precise distance from the floor.

Try matching the wall tiles to the floor material.



Caravans cannot use regular tiles because of the weight. But smart tiles are light, and therefore ideal for caravans, motorhomes and similar vehicles. Use peel and stick tiles behind the caravan sink, or on any wall that look a little plain. Match the tiles to the curtains.


Large Pot plants will have a large pot. A plain looking pot can be greatly improved with some smart tiles. Consider stone tiles to make a bland pot look more elegant.


Bathroom will use traditional tiles in the shower, and usually on the floor. But you can use smart tile sheets on the wall. Try covering the lower half of the wall with smart tiles, and repainting the top half.



Smart Tile

Peel and stick smart tiles are easy to use, inexpensive, and create almost no mess. They are ideal for large projects and small.



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