Kitchen splashbacks tiles. Smart tile.

Splashbacks Tiles Ideas

The Idea Behind Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles

The kitchen splashback was initially a functional concept. It still is. The idea was to put tiles on the area of the wall behind the stove, to protect the wall from the spills and steam of cooking. This proved very effective and quite simple. It was soon discovered that even some inexpensive smart tile sheets worked quite for a splashback.

Of course, once the splashback has proved functional we can start looking at its aesthetic appeal. Given the wide range of tiles available, this is not too difficult. There is always a tile design to suit the kitchen decor already there, or even an appealing tile design that we can use as the basis for designing the rest kitchen decor.

Ideas for Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles

  • Add a rustic look with patterned kitchen splashback tiles. The slightly unfinished, slightly worn look is presently fashionable. Rustic tiles with slightly worn wall plaster, and warm, faded earthy colours, can make a cozy kitchen.
  • Funky wallpaper and a stark splashback. A bold pink splashback on a wall with a subdued complex pattern can look good.
  • Add a shelf above the splashback. This can be rough wood for rustic decor, or bright white for a neater look.
  • White tiles with simple line images (flowers, stars, plants, butterflies) can give a kitchen a traditional country look.
  • Marble splashbacks are both modern and classic looking. they also tend to look more expensive than they really are. Marble smart tiles are fairly cheap.
  • Stone tiles look good in many kitchen decors. Just pick the right colour of stone to match the rest of the kitchen. There are smart tiles with a genuine stone surface, which are moderately priced for the small area needed for a splashback.
  • Match the splashback to the kitchen countertops.
  • Book match the tiles of the splashback. This creates a symmetrical mirror image on the two sides of the splash back.

Anything works for a splashback, as long as all the elements in the kitchen fit together.

Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles

A tiled section behind the stove protects the wall from steam and spills. Adhesive smart tiles work well for this kitchen splashback.

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