Sticky Misconceptions

Adhesive flooring and Tiling are a little misunderstood and a little underestimated. These are versatile home décor options, but some people have a few misconceptions about Adhesive materials.

Misconception #1

Adhesive Backing Does not stick well

Good quality adhesive tiles stick on very well to any clean surface. As long as all grease and dust is removed from the surface when preparing the surface the tile sheets will stick on fine. The fact that sheets of tiles are already attached to each other is an added bonus- the whole sheet remains steadfastly attached to the wall.

Adhesive tiles will happily last for years, better than some ceramic tiles.

Misconception #2

Cheaper means not Durable

Cheap products might have once been of lower quality. But modern manufacturing materials and sizable production runs mean that good quality décor materials are now cheaper than ever.

There is such a thing as a bargain. Adhesive tiles are simple and effective.

Misconception #3

Adhesive Materials are Just for Small Spaces.

Adhesive tiles are good for small spaces, but there is no need to limit yourself here. Adhesive tiles are great for adding trim to larges spaces like kitchens, or even for filling in whole walls.

Misconception #4

You need a professional Installer

This shouldn’t be a misconception. One of the great advantages of adhesive tiles or adhesive flooring is that they are reasonably easy to install. The instructions are only a half-page long!

Adhesive tiles are about the easiest DIY project.

Misconception #5

Adhesive Tiles have a Limited Style Option.

There are more décor options than ever with all housing materials. This includes adhesive tiles. There are dozens of options, dozens of colours, and dozens of geometric designs. So you are spoilt for choice.

You will have trouble deciding which style of adhesive tile to choose from.

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