The Other Tiles Problem

Bathroom Tile stickers have many advantages over more conventional tiles. Mistakes and limitations with regular tiles often don’t apply.

Not having a budget for your Tiling

Ceramic tiles aren’t super expensive, but they aren’t free either. And sometimes we live with the frustration of knowing that the ceramic tiles we would have preferred in our bathroom were out of the price range at the time.

But Tic Tac stick-on tiles are much cheaper. You can afford to go with the design you like the best.

Quality Control

Tiles vary in quality, though modern manufacturing methods are better than they were in the past, so these days even average tiles tend to be quite good.

Tic Tac Tiles are all of the same dependable, long-lasting quality.

Time Out for Installation

Renovations with ceramic tiles may take several days to complete with professional installation and even longer if it is a DIY project. This takes a lot of time out of your busy schedule.

Tic Tac Tiles can often be put up in the space of a few hours. And there is no waiting time for grout to set or paint to dry. It’s ready to use straight away.

Stick on tiles Australia

Stick-on tiles are one of the easiest DIY renovations, yet they can effectively transform a space or room. Pick the right tile design and the rest is simple.

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