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Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms almost always use tiles because of the need of waterproof surfaces. The floor will be some form of hard tile, porcelain, ceramic …etc. The Walls may use either traditional hard tiles or adhesive tiles with some water resistant (glossy) paint.

Adhesive tiles are fine for walls because they are waterproof. Unlike floor tiles they do not need to be hard enough to be walked upon.

The only thing we need to worry about with adhesive tiles on the wall is choosing the right pattern, something that matches our taste and the rest of the decor in the bathroom.

Some considerations:
– Do not go overboard on detail. Fancy detail on tiles works well on a plain background. If there is too much detail in the room we feel overcrowded.
– Look at colour contrasts. the best tiles in the world will look terrible if they clash with the paint. So we either change the paint or the tiles to match.
– Many people like the bathroom to feel open, so a simple colour scheme (perhaps just two colours) will work well.
– White goes with almost anything. So plain white tiles with any colour paintwork will work. Or plain white walls with almost any colour of tiles. The only exception is too much white on both tiles and paint.
– Contrast dark with light. A dark bold paint colour with light tiles works well. Consider dark vivid red walls with white tile trim.

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Adhesive tiles are inexpensive and convenient. Change and renovate your bathroom or kitchen walls in just an hour or two, no fuss, no mess.

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