Various Kitchen Styles

Kitchens several generations ago used to be just functional and neat. This changed over time so that kitchens had more storage space and more attentions to style. The functionality increased too with modern gadgets. There are many ways to decorate your kitchen. Considering the amount time we spend there it is worth investing some time into a pleasing décor.

The right type of kitchen tile stickers can be enough to change the look of a kitchen. Or they can be part of a moderate project where you add the stick on tiles to a new paint job, with perhaps a change of curtains and lighting.


Modern but minimal components. Bold simplicity.


Open space, all utensils and appliances out of sight. White with cool grey or subdued benchtop and splashback


Combines elements of traditional and contemporary styles. Clean and simple.


White and cool blue, with plenty of natural lighting. Some brown stone and sand colours on tiles and benchtops, with wicker or woven furnishings.


Rich colours, mixture of natural patterns and shiny surfaces. Bright light, windows and mirrors.


Timber and natural materials. Stone work or timber style tiles. Perhaps a rustic look.


Grecian tiles. Bold colours with earthy neutrals.


This still holds about 1/3 of the market. Fresh colours, crisp clean lines. Wood panels and clean white surfaces.


Brickwork and stainless steel. Square line and a heavy look.

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