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Where to use a Smart Tile in Your Home

Few of us can afford a major renovation, at least not more than once in a lifetime. Some of us cannot really renovate because we live in rented accommodation. So what do we do if we want to make a decor change?

We can change furnishings and curtains quite easily. But repainting may not be possible in rented space. One thing many people overlook is changing the tiles. We can put smart tiles in many places and significantly change the look and feel of a room.

There are some interesting and effective places to use a smart tile that most people have not thought of.


Most of us don’t think to decorate the stairs. We might paint the banister, but that’s about it. Yet there is the space between each stair that is often left blank. A smart tile design can add to the look of the stairs, and they will be quite easy to install if the space is clean and flat.

Inbuilt Fireplace

We cannot put smart tiles near heat. But this is rarely a limitation. Often a fireplace, especially an inbuilt one, will not produce any hot surfaces on the surrounding wall. Brick smart tile designs around a fireplace look very earthy and warm.

Behind the Shelves and Kitchenette

Even when selves are full of books or utensils there will still be some of the back wall visible. Use smart tiles to add some pattern and colour to the wall. This is particularly effective if the tiles on the cupboard match the tiles on the walls. Or if we have white smart tiles next to white brick, with some timber trim.

The Smart Tile on Kitchen Island

This is the large bench in the middle of the kitchen space, often with some basic appliances. The countertop of this Island will often be imitation stone or wood, and we leave this as it is. But we can use smart tiles to decorate the space beneath the countertop. Try matching the tiles to the chairs.

Spruce up a Coffee Table

Even an old worn down coffee table can look good with some well-chosen tiles on the top. Smart tiles can make this an easy one-hour DIY project.


Drawers, waste bins, pots for plants, the area around a large mirror – anything with a flat surface can be rejuvenated with a smart tile decor.

Smart Tile

Adhesive tiles are effective and easy to use. They stick to any clean, flat surface. Redecorate your home with smart tiles, no mess, no fuss.

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