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Why Use a Smart Tile ?

Smart Tile

Tiles are popular enough to be used in at least one or two rooms of any house. They are the best solution for wet areas, being more attractive than concrete and more waterproof than wood or plaster. So we find that we have tiles in almost all bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes laundries.

But traditional tiles have their drawbacks. One alternative is smart tiles. What advantages do these hold?


Let’s face it, stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles are expensive. The tiles themselves cost a lot. The Installation cost is even higher. So any tile renovation project is going to cost money, even if you can do it yourself.

Stick on tiles are far less pricey than traditional tiles. And this is a major advantage.

Time and inconvenience

Traditional tiles take a lot of effort to install. There is a lot or preparation work, the tiling itself, the application of grout between tile, and a lot of mess to clean up. Most people need to hire professional trade workers to do this type of thing, because it takes considerable skill to get right.

Adhesive smart tiles simply stick in place to any clean, flat (or some curved) surfaces. You might need to trim the edge, but that’s it.

They need not be Permanent

Because traditional tiles are costly and time-consuming to install we tend to make them a permanent feature. But smart tiles are the type of thing we might replace every few years. Change the room for the children’s nursery, and then change it again when the children are a little older.

Are you renting? Tic Tac adhesive tiles can be put over the conventional tiles or bare walls if you decide you need a decor change. These are easy to remove when you leave the flat.

Smart Tile

Adhesive smart tiles are the right choice for simple yet effective renovations. Great for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

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