Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Why use Tic Tac Tiles for your Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Some home renovations require a great deal of time and effort, probably with outside contractors. But it is possible to give a kitchen a facelift with some paintwork, some adhesive tiles, and perhaps a few new shelves of cupboards.

A makeover for the kitchen can work well if we find the right colour scheme and design. It need neither be expensive or complex, just the right elements in the right place that fit together.

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

  • The colour of the tiles and paint can make a room seem bigger or smaller. Most of us don’t live in mansions, so we probably would prefer to make the kitchen seem larger, more open.
  • Light colours make the room feel larger, but some darker or colourful trim can improve the look without making the room feel cramped.
  • The lighting also makes the room feel larger. Add brighter lights that don’t cast obvious shadows. Make use of windows or perhaps a mirror.
  • Contrast prevent a room from looking plain. An all white kitchen will feel sterile. Add some colour trim, or have tiles with slightly irregular patterns. Tiles with stone of wood grain patterns go a long way to removing the plainness of many spaces, Fat better then flat paint on its own.
  • The size of the tiles also makes a difference. Larger tiles feel more open, smaller tiles add detail, and work well when used sparingly.
  • Kitchens often use floor tiles, or possibly vinyl tile that look like ceramic tiles. Make sure the floor and wall tiles work together. The floor should not be more dominant that the walls or other decor.

For Inexpensive Kitchen Renovations

  • Peel and stick tile sheets for walls and stove splash-backs.
  • Repaint cupboards, repaint walls. Perhaps replace cupboard doors.
  • Add door handles to cupboards.
  • Add lights, or put daylight bulbs in the existing lights.
  • Curtains on windows are part of the decor- Coordinate this with the rest of the decor.
  • Match the floor design (usually tiles) with the rest of the room.

Buy Tiles Online

It is easy to find the right style of tile online, and have them delivered cheaply. Very few renovation products can be mailed out, but adhesive tiles are one of the few exceptions.

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