Kitchen Wall Tiles

Contemporary Ideas for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Transform with Kitchen Wall Tiles

Tiles are an essential part of almost every kitchen. There are other elements to be sure – the cabinets, floor, benchtops- all in various colours. But the choice can make or break the overall effect.

The kitchen is in some ways the hardest worked, most occupied room in the home. It makes sense to get the functionality and the décor right. We should spend some time on the right design.

Kitchen Wall Tiles can cover large sections of the kitchen wall, juxtaposed with painted wall, cabinets and benchtops. Tiles will also be used for a splashback that protects the wall behind the stovetop.


Ideas for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Spaced our Circles – There are several tile sheets designs with partial circles in the tile corners. When placed correctly these partial circles produce complete circles on adjacent tiles. This is a pleasing effect. We cease to have individual tiles. We have a wall pattern instead.

If we have a kitchen with a lot of detail we can add a sense of space when the tiles are light coloured and simple in design. Spaced circles are simple and open, yet have enough pattern to prevent the wall form looking bare and sterile.

Brick Design – This can give a great rustic or industrial look to a kitchen. Bricks have a pleasant visceral texture, and the colour often matches steel or white fridges and appliances, or almost any pastel painted surface.

Stone – This is a more recent development, stick on tiles with a genuine stone surface. Stone was once a luxury, prestige building material, found only in expensive apartments. But adhesive stone tiles add this look to any kitchen or bathroom at a moderate cost.

Copper Glow – A copper colour tiles can look great. They especially work well with green plants, or even jade green cabinet surfaces, and dark benchtops.  Candlelight or plain sunlight can give very pleasing effects with copper.

Georgian Boarders – Elegant Georgian borders have a geometric boarder pattern around a complementary pattern on the main surface. This is great for adding detail to a bland space.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Adhesive tiles are the inexpensive way to transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Quick results, with almost no mess.


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