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Designs on Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

There are two broad categories of kitchen and bathroom tiles, those that are patterned and those that are plain. Patterned tiles may have their pattern as part of the colour design, or their might be a pattern in the unusual shape of the tiles. Plain tiles are usually one colour, perhaps alternating between two complementary colours. They may have simple shapes like squares or circles, but their appeal is in the colour which is usually match to the colour scheme of the room.

We might further classify tile designs:

Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

These are square tiles of various colours. They don’t have any design on the tiles, but there is a random pattern formed between the different coloured tiles. This is a classic look, dating back to ancient times when tiles were first used.

Plain Kitchen Tiles

The tiles used in kitchens are often one just colour. But these tiles can be very effective when chosen to complement the decor of the room. A white room with some colour tile trim looks very clean and open, but it can also look bright if we have the right colour tile.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Sometimes there is a pattern design on each individuals tile. This can be anything from a geometric pattern to a small image. Patterned tiles vary greatly. Some have fine blue porcelain designs on a stark white background, like Portuguese blue. Other tiles have earthy shapes. Pattern tiles look great in a plain room, or contrasted with woodgrain or stone.

Earthy Natural Bathroom Tiles

Another popular type of tile replicates the look and sometimes texture of woodgrain or stone. This gives a very natural, earthy feel to a room, yet it can also feel open and clean. Woodgrain and stone patterns are semi-random, so they feel neither sterile or too messy. These tiles are a modern way to get an old time natural feel for a room.

Bathroom Tiles online

Adhesive tile sheets are easy to install, with no mess and fuss. and they can be delivered cheaply through the mail. Find the right design for you.

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