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Best Tile Options For Renting?

We might like a rental property for many reasons. It provides the extra space, it is conveniently located, it is part of a community with facilities. But occasionally an otherwise great rental property might have less than ideal decor. And we usually cannot change this because we are not the owners. So what is the solution?

Self Adhesive Tiles

Peel and stick tile can be used for many semi-permanent renovations. They are semi-permanent in the sense that they stay as long as we wish, but can be removed without leaving any damage.

Peel and stick tiles can be put over almost any flat clean surface, including ceramic tiles. This means they can cover spaces in kitchen and bathrooms, completely changing the look of the room. They also can be used behind stoves to protect the wall, as long as they are not too near a source of heat (15cm space is fine).

Some property owners will let tenants make some changes, perhaps repainting. And it is easy to change curtains and furniture. This can be coordinated with the wall tile stickers. But always get approval from the owners before making any significant changes.

An often overlooked advantage of using Self adhesive tiles is that they protect the wall from damage. The wall behind the tile is effectively shielded from scratches or dents. So when the tiles are removed the wall is in the same condition as when it was first covered.

Self Adhesive Floor Tiles

Stick on floor tiles are the easy way to change a floor. But they are a more permanent alteration to the building than stick in wall tiles. While they are great if you own a home that may not be appropriate for rental properties, unless you know they are easy to remove. A rug or set of carpet squares might be a better option for rental floors.

Self Adhesive Tiles

Stick on tiles are an easy way to renovate. And they are fine for most rental situations, being easy to remove.

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