Tic Tac Tiles Self adhesive 3D Tiles

Tic Tac Tiles Self adhesive 3D Tiles

Tic Tac Tiles Self adhesive 3D Tiles

Would you like your kitchen to look like those beautiful kitchens you see on TV commercials and on blogs?

TIC TAC TILES can help you make your dream kitchen materialise right before you eyes! And you can do it with less time and less cost.

With this peel and stick kind of tile, kitchen remodeling is super-easy and that translates to you saving much time, too.

With the wide array of tile designs that you can buy from TIC TAC TILES, your dream kitchen will be realised, lightning fast!

With Tic Tac Tiles, giving a facelift to your kitchen is as easy as frying eggs! All you need is a little creativity.

So, come on mates… pick up your pair of scissors, your ruler, and bring out your artistic side.

With Tic Tac Tiles Self adhesive 3D Tiles you can give your kitchen a facelift like a pro.

No mess, no tile grout, no specialized tools… no tidying up after installation, either. Finally, tiles have evolved into a wonderful ‘Peel and Stick’ product that’s easy to install. These tiles are made of 3D gel that are heat and mildew resistant. Cleaning is not a problem, too.

We’ll never grow tired saying this — with Tic Tac Tiles, Peel and Stick… and then Peel and Stick… that’s all you do, and you your dream kitchen appears!

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