Adhesive Stone Tiles Self Adhesive Floor Tiles

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Stone looks impressive in any decor. It has an expensive look that almost no other material can match, and would be used more often were it not for the price. But a viable alternative is artificial stone tiling

Adhesive Stone Tiles look like stone, and even have some 3D texture. But they are far less expensive than genuine stone, and far easier to install. These stick on tiles can be put up to cover a wall in a matter of an hour or two. There is no grout or cement, and very little mess to clean up. The tile sheets are simply put into place, and trimmed where they meet and edge.

Adhesive Stone Tiles can make a bathroom of kitchen look lush and expensive. Yet be easy to clean and cause no issues. They will not soak up water or need sealing. And they weight almost nothing, so no special architecture is required.

Self Adhesive Floor Tiles

Tiles floors look great. They are ideal for wet rooms like bathroom and kitchens, being able to resist spills. With stick on floor tiles a room can have a new floor with minimal effort.

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Renovate your bathroom of kitchen with adhesive tiles in stone or other designs. Wall and floor tile sheets are available.

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